Sep 18, 2013

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What are Runes?

What are Runes?

About Runes

The word “Rune” comes from an old English, or Norse word, meaning ” Mystery”, “Secret”, or “Whisper”.

It is believed in Norse legend that the Norse god, Odin, brought the Runes to mankind after a strange ritual where he hung from a tree for nine days until he saw the runic symbols reflected in the water below. Such was the power of the Runes that it was said they could bring the dead back to life.

These ancient Runes have very distinctive shapes: They are made up of vertical staves and diagonal lines. It is thought that they have no horizontal lines as they where initially cut into wooden tokens and horizontal marks where more difficult to cut into the grain.

Since then, a variety of materials have been used to fashion Runes, including Gemstones, Bone, and stone. The material used holds great significance as ancient man believed that everything on Earth was alive and held a spirit. The Runes hold within them, a great depth of meaning. Every Rune carries not only a sound, shape and name of it’s own, but also has both a mundane and a mystical meaning enabling them to be understood on many levels by the skilled readers. They are cast onto a mat by the reader to discern future events or what path a problem or issue will take.


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